5 things you should stop doing now

If you want to live long, think fast and have wrinkle-free skin, here are five simple steps you can take today.

1. Stop eating vegan/vegetarian

The conventional wisdom says a Vegetarian Diet is a healthy choice. New research, published in BMC Medicine shows, that it’s not. Plant-based diets have been linked with poor bone health. The study compared the number of hip fractures in meat-eaters a vegetarian groups, more than 26,318 women participated in the analysis. 

The result – the risk of hip fractures is 33 percent greater for women on a Vegetarian Diet. 

2. Stop using gadgets at night

Our ancestors’ lives were simple. Sun shines, stars twinkle. You rise with the sun, you go to sleep when it’s dark.

Today, we are almost a symbiotic organism with our phones. 

So if you recently discovered new wrinkles, you may be blaming gadgets.

New research, published by Oregon State University, blue light may impact basic cellular functions, accelerating aging and could cause reduced energy production in mitochondria. The research was conducted on fruit flies, not humans, but still…

3. Stop eating at all

At least, for several hours a day. Elon Musk, one of the richest man on Earth, recently started to fast and lost 20 pounds. We may never know his secret on how to become a billionaire, but the secret of intermittent fasting is easy: eat – stop – eat – repeat.

4. Stop fasting like a man. If you are a woman.

The healing effect of fasting works both for men and women. But in men, it can increase testosterone, and in women – decrease. Women’s sex hormones affect our fasting cycle. So schedule your intermittent fasting for the beginning of the cycle and stop fasting 7 days before menstruation.

5. Stop taking melatonin

At least, routinely. One of TikTiok’s trends is #melatoninaddict. This sleep hormone doesn’t cause physical addiction, and you won’t develop withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it. But many people believe, they can’t sleep without melatonin, so they don’t. 

The problem is, that melatonin doesn’t help you to fall asleep or sleep better, it’s regulating the timing of your sleep.

Instead of relying on a melatonin pill, focus on #2 of this list. Switch to the keto diet, if you haven’t yet. People on keto sleep better. Use magnesium before sleep, and don’t forget the magic of hugs.

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