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Try our nutrition experts! Why? Because we are the best health coaches from Ukraine, who are brave enough to disrupt diet stereotypes. It’s all a bunch of B.S. to eat with a calculator, carry food containers around, do exhausting workouts, and drink magic all-in-one shakes.


We firmly believe that excess weight and lack of motivation are symptoms, not the main issue. We won’t coach you on how to diet, but how to reset the body to “factory settings” and help you become strong as you are meant to be.

Impressive results

For 7 years of coaching, we’ve helped over 3 000 people to lose weight, become healthier and feel better. 

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How it works

We do believe low-carb lifestyle is the best dietary approach. But it can be flexible from almost zero carbs on carnivore diet to 150 g carbs on liberal LCHF. 

Our main rule: if you need to google the ingredients of your food you shouldn’t eat it. 

Think of us as House MD. After you fill out our quiz (it’s long!) we will analyse it carefully and identify your problem with excess weight or lack of energy and motivation. It’s like a differential diagnosis where excess weight is not the main issue but a symptom.

Then, after a meeting with your coach your journey will begin. You’ll get a meal plan and much more, depending on the reason of your issue.

We’ve seen a lot of “hopeless cases” and know how to deal with them. We will find a suitable option for you.

The most important part of out approach is we don’t focus on meal plans, we work on different aspects.

You won’t believe it, but we might ask you to stop working out for a while. Or will give you an assignment to hug your beloved ones.

We think most of the problems with weight, sleep and wellbeing are modern diseases of civilization. Getting nutrients from natural food, not from pills, is a primal way to become strong and happy.

Even though keto diet is about animal protein, we can help you with other aspects like sleeping, stress management, movement, breathing, posture, and so on.

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Now, Ukraine is known as a land of bravery. But just recently, it was a country of hospitality and amazing cuisine that warmed and nurtured body and soul.

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If you are a coach from Ukraine and want to become a part of our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you with certification and more.